Burger King Decapitates Its King Mascot

> And amidst all this slicing and dicing, ‚Äúthe King‚Äù finds himself like Charles I and Louis XVI‚Ķ a head shorter. Sad. In an effort to clean up their image and restore market shares lost in the past year, Burger King decided to step up their advertising strategy and creativity and the first step of the process is to retire […]

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How to make a burger king costume?

The [url=http://costumzee.wpengine.com/tag/burger+king/]Burger King costume[/url] is pretty simple to create whether you have to buy the materials are not. You can purchase the mask, but make the rest of the costume so that you have the authentic face. Below we are going to describe a few steps in how to make the burger king costume. [b]Things You Need:[/b] – Orange robe […]

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The king is FREAKY

Could there possibly be anything more frightening than “The King”? Remember the ad campaign, “Wake up with the King?”, where folks would wake up with the king in bed with them, or peeking in their window? freaky, FREAKY stuff.

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