Sweeney Todd

This was from halloween 2008. Was pretty easy to put together (if you have vintage clothing shops nearby). I did a lot of blow drying and used a lot of gel to get my hair in the correct style. Then cut a template in the shape of the white bit with some paper and sprayed on the white spray. The shirt was from a vintage shop (_Ǭ£12) and has the short collar where the two fronts point but the rest doesnt. Luckily the waistcoat came with the shirt on a buy one get one free deal. The neck scarf was about _Ǭ£3. I already had some dark blue pinstripe trousers and I just wore some brown boots. I also wore a large brown leather belt with a big buckle. The belt did not go through the loops in the trousers but hung on my hips (as in the film). You can’t see in the picture but I also had a piece of cloth which hung from my trousers clipped on with a paper clip. On the cloth I used a ruler with red paint on and slashed it across to give the effect of razors covered in blood being wiped on it. I also painted watered down red paint onto the shirt sleeves

This has been my first idea submitted and I hope it is helpful. Thanks

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