Superman: The Man of Steel…for 2009!?

Some exciting news to share with you all this week…Superman will (“should”) be back in 2009!

Yeah!! We spotted this from the IMDb website where it is reported that scripting is in the process.

Superman is an icon super heroe, and it took a long time for a new movie to come out, Superman III was in 1983, and Superman Returns came out in 2006. It looks like Superman will be on track for at least 3 movies like Spiderman or Lord of the Ring or even Saw.

Brandon Routh as Clark Kent/Superman is a great actor. If you did not know, he had very little experience prior to Superman Returns, a little bit of television here and there but no actually movie before the major Blockbuster. Really cool!

We can officially say that in 2009, Superman costumes will be hot! Yeah, we are putting this costume idea in our Future Trends list!

The really cool thing about the Superman costume idea is that there is such a wide range of products available, you can almost get everyone in the family dressed up with the same theme…check it out for yourself and think about it for your Halloween!

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