Summer Season Costume Picks

It used to be when summer rolled around all that was on television was some repeats of the season’s top shows. You might have even been able to find a movie or two being broadcast on some of the channels, but for the most time summer was not going to offer you television. Instead it was a time to get out at night and enjoy the warm summer air. Now, this has all changed. For a few years now some networks have offered summer time shows. USA for example has had Burn Notice as a summer show. TNT started with options like Leverage. Last year even Fox got in on the deal with a show called Mental. Some of these summer shows are hits among the people, and others run for one summer never to return.

This year there are quite a few summer shows to choose from if you want to have a block party with costumes! Leverage has yet to come back, but the premier is Sunday June 20, 2010. It is a two hour event offering you plenty of time for a barbeque and costume party. From Leverage the costumes can be anything from simply regular clothing to elaborate options for the con. Gina Bellman, who plays Sofie, tends to have some of the more beautiful clothing with leather jackets, top of the line brands and some great high heels. There is also the thief costume, which is a traditional look in almost any show. It is a tight pantsuit of pure black, a black backpack to match, and the ski mask.

Burn Notice is another that can have some nice outfits, with the main characters. In this show it is more about being subtle in costume with such things as a tart costume or the Miami businessman costume. You could also go a little further with Burn Notice costumes and add in some fake wounds since the characters tend to get punched and/ or blown up in the shows.

Costumes for Summer 2010 are also going to include a lot of detective looks. There are plenty of new shows to take ideas from. The Good Guys, which has had bad reviews, offers some detective costumes. TNT is also offering a couple of new series with detectives at the forefront. Rizzoli and Isles is bringing in a dynamic pair of women- Angie Harmon (Women’s Murder Club) and Sasha Alexander (formerly NCIS). Harmon plays detective and Alexander plays a medical examiner. For the medical examiner costume some pretty sexy scrubs would pull off the look. Their other new show is Memphis Beat with some male detectives heading the show. You can go with a typical detective costume for any of these characters or spice it up for your costume party.

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