Straight Jacket Costume Frenzy due to Shutter Island

The year is 1954, when U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels sets out for the mysterious Shutter Island. He has been sent to look for a patient who has disappeared. What is more, this patient has been convicted of murder. Unfortunately, the sinister and illegal entities of Shutter Island, soon make Teddy Daniels, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, wonder if he has not arrived because he was meant to be part of the twisted and radical treatments being offered to the patients. A hurricane ends communication with the mainland, leaving Teddy to wonder if he is even sane. Soon his memories, his partner, and his own mind become a tangled web.

Martin Scorsese has certainly left the plot open to interpretation and intrigue for viewers. From the myriad of commercials, discussions, and theatrical trailers we are all wondering if we truly know the plot or if we will find a surprise at the end. For those less inclined to go to horror films the twisted and devious plot may draw you out. This film promises to be worth the jumps and screams your frayed and worried nerves will invoke during the show.

If you were thinking of waiting till this film hits DVD, think again. You will be drawn towards opening weekend February 19th, 2010. With an all star cast and Scorsese directing, you cannot help but see if the fuss is truly worth it. It has been a long time since we have had a psychological thriller that does the film world justice. In fact, the last one that was not so apparent to the viewer. Gothika, with Sherlock Holmes star Robert Downey Jr. had many twists and turns before the truth finally revealed itself.

For the costume world it opens up the possibilities at costume parties for the year and the coming Halloween. If you are not in an insane costume like Anita Valium than you should be in a 1950’s to 1960’s psychologist costume. Because with this film, the doctor is surely in with his electro shock therapy and treacherous treatments just waiting for you and your cohorts. Move over Hannibal Lector costumes, there is a new fright in town and this one lurks on the fringes of normal.

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