Still Time for Oktoberfest Costumes

Oktoberfest is a German holiday traditionally held from late September to early October. The festival is sixteen days long with plenty of beer, food, and live entertainment. The largest festival in the world is held in Munich, Germany. You can expect chicken, roast pork, knuckle of pork, grilled fish, sausages, pretzels, potato or bread dumplings, cheese noodles, and potato pancakes to be on the menu at any Oktoberfest.

In the United States many cities and small towns host their own festivals in honor of the German heritage of the United States. The original Oktoberfest began in the 1800’s in honor of Prince Ludwig marrying Princess Therese of Saxe- Hildburghausen. A horse race was organized for the event with the marriage on October 12th 1810 and the race on October 17th. Eventually the festival became less about the marriage of two people and more of a celebration of culture.

In the 1950s the festival incorporated beer as a staple item. The last horse race to be included in the festival was in 1960. For a while drunkenness was a problem at the festivals, but it seems that this has for the most part changed. Now Oktoberfest has tents for music and tents for beer. Those who want to enjoy the drinking must listen to the music from afar.

Due to the history and the fun these festivals offer many costumes can be seen. Top costumes for Oktoberfest include the Dirndl costume and the Lederhosen costume. These two costumes make the perfect couples costume for the events. Other options for Oktoberfest are peasant costumes of tunic and hose or peasant dresses with tight bodices and long full skirts.

German Costume

Oktoberfest is not the only celebration one can have in mid September to early October. Other cultures have their own ideas of celebrating history. Each year many places in the United States also have Scottish Festivals. The Scottish Festivals take you back to the renaissance period with trebuchets, log tossing, and shot puts. People dress up in Scottish kilt costumes, carry bagpipes around, and in general offer a festival worth remembering. Like Oktoberfest a Scottish festival offers tons of food and beer! Scottish meat pies, pasties, funnel cakes, bratwurst and sauerkraut can all be found at the Scottish festival.

So grab your renaissance costumes, join the fun, and party. It doesn’t matter what heritage you are part of you can always enjoy the music, games, and more at Oktoberfest or the Scottish festivals that are held throughout the United States.

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