St. Patty’s Parades & Pub Crawls commence!

Ah, there’s nothing like drinking green beer in mass quantities to celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland! March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, commemorating the saint who used the three-leaf shamrock to illustrate the basic tennants of Christianity to spread it to the people of the Emerald Isles.

St. Patrick’s Day may be on March 17th, but chances are, the neighborhood pub crawls, Shamrock Shuttles, and Erin Expresses are running through your area at least a week ahead of the actual date of St. Patty’s Day. That means TWO full weekends of drinking and celebrating your Irish heritage. (Even if you’re not Irish, everyone is just for the day!)

Parades in major metropolitan cities begin this week. A long-standing tradition, particuarly in cities with large amounts of Irish-Americans making up their population, the city with oldest St. Patrick’s Day parade is Boton, MA. Boston’s very first St. Patrick’s Day parade dates back to 1737 even before the United States declared their independence. New York City comes in with the second-oldest parade, ready to have their 248th consecutive parade this year. Other cities with well-known and attended St Patrick’s Day parades include Chicago, Philadelphia, Scranton, and San Francisco.

When you’re done standing and cheer on the floats at the parade, go head to a St. Paddy’s Pub crawl and drink til you can’t stand. Stock up on your Guinness, Bailey’s, and other Irish beverages of choice. While you’re at it, stock up on some fun items to wear to the parade and get into the spirit of the day with a Irish themed costumes and accessories. Pick up a set of Irish beads or wear some green and gold strands left over from Mardi Gras, or even a for a festive touch! Or, don any sort of Kiss Me, I’m Irish apparel with shirts, tiaras and buttons so you can get your mac (or Mc) on!

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