Sports: Costume Ideas For Boston Fans

– Damon’s Disciples: a devoted group of fans who honored the leader of “The Idiots” by donning wigs, beards, and robes.

– Paul Pierce’s Halloween Party: Rajon Rondo was voted the winner of best costume for his interpretation of “Injured Tiger Woods”, it’s hard to discount Kevin Garnett’s DJ Lance, Ray Allen’s Michael Jackson, Jermaine O’Neal’s Mr. T, or Big Baby’s‚Ķ well, a Big Baby.

– Anonymous Blonde Girls: reports surfaced in June of 2007 that A-Rod had been spotted in Toronto with an anonymous blonde woman.

– The Green Men: Okay, they aren’t from Boston, but the Green Men of Vancouver deserve some credit for their gimmick, which brought them national attention.

– The Gorilla Suit: Theo Epstein, who was strongly considering leaving what he referred to as his “dream job”, took advantage of it being Halloween and ducked out of a meeting in a gorilla costume to avoid the media.


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