Spidey News Puts Costumes on Hold till 2012?

Talk regarding the 4th instalment of Spiderman 4 has many questioning if the movie will actually come to fruition. The last three Spiderman movies have included Sam Raimi as director and Toby Maguire as Spiderman. Yet, an announcement was made that neither director nor actor would be returning to the 4th instalment. Instead Mark Webb will be the director. We are still confused as to who the new lead actor will be, as announcements are clouded in uncertainty.

Spider Man 4 was set to release in 2011, with production starting in 2010. However, the movie is not going to debut until 2012. This was a bit of a shock for Spidey fans who already dusted off their costumes in anticipation of the movie.

What’s even more of a shock besides having to put away Spiderman costumes, and the whole actor/ director issue is the premise behind this forth movie. The news is calling it an origin story of characters, but if you will remember we have learned about the origin of Spiderman in the first movie along with some of the other characters, so it sounds like movie four is a rehash of old news. Yet, we cannot say for certain until the 2012 release.

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