Spider-Man 3: DVD release for Halloween

What better way to celebrate the DVD release of Spider-Man 3 in DVD than wearing the actual Spider-Man 3 costume on October 30th!

Sony Pictures Homes Entertainment will release the film which will be available as a single-disc DVD, a two-disc Special Edition release, and a three-pack DVD release, which will include the first two Spider-Man films! This is really cool for all the Spiderman fans out there.

Step 1: Don’t wait, go get your Spider-Man black costume or your regular Spider-Man costume today

Step 2: Run to your closest BestBuy wearing you Spider-Man suit to buy the Spider-Man 3 DVD on October 30th!

If you dare doing the step #2, please get someone to take your picture in the Spidey suit after purchasing the DVD and send it to us, we’ll post it on CostumZee!

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