Spice Up Your Halloween Party with More than Costumes!


Are you planning a Halloween Costume Party and looking for great ideas? If you are like me you get a kick out of decorating for Halloween no matter the decorations you have accrued over the years. This year I was surprised to see how many seasonal stores have opened in my neighborhood with costume ideas and decorations. And it is the decorations that truly caught my eye!

For those who have a little extra to spend you could set up the best Haunted House for your costume party with all the accessories available out there. One such item that caught my eye was the headstone with a dead person. You stand on this mat, and wait for the decoration to work. As air fills the dead person he pops up and goes “boo!”¬ù It is one of the better choices because even though you know it’s going to pop up many still get a shock.

There are flying ghosts, Halloween doorbells, dismembered bodies, and even better zombies that crawl along the floor. But what if you don’t have the money? Don’t worry because you can still create your own decorations with the right smarts and a few tools. Check out our own decorations and accessories here.

Ghoul Hanging decorations, Halloween lawn stakes, flying bats and much more will help you get the right spin on your costume party. You are already looking for the best costume idea, so why not add a little more to your fun!

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