Snape Mourner

Here I am mourning the death of Professor Snape and protesting the absence of his portrait in the Hogwart’s Headmaster’s Office.

The dress was bought secondhand on eBay.

The Slytherin crest pin came from

The jewelery was handmade by eBay seller luckytraintrekers.

The veil came from eBay store Lilith’s Gothic Crypt. A friend of mine sewed the green ribbons with silver trim to the inside of the veil.

The cigar box purse came from eBay seller dracomalfoy

The wand came from It is a petite redwood wand with essence of siren’s eyelash enchantment.

The portrait of Severus Snape has eyes that follow you wherever you go. I got it from eBay seller haunt-master.

I have a Slytherin robe that I am not wearing in the picture. The robe came from, who is also eBay seller dollysloyal. Her robes are awesome. If I could post more than one picture, I would post a second one of me wearing the robe. You have to check her robes out! She custom-makes them to your specific measurements!

I bought faux black snakeskin boots a million years ago at Sears. (Again, the boots aren’t in the picture. Sorry.)

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