Simple vampire costume idea

Becoming a Vampire is actually pretty easy and pretty fun. To be a vampire you first need to look like one. You can buy a black or blonde wig or dye your hair. And then put on fair pale make up so your skin looks very light. Then find some red lip stick and add a tiny bit on your neck and a tiny streak of it on your lip and the bottom of your lip. Now for fangs you can find them online. Many people sell them. Find the ones you like and get them. Put them on. Now your really looking like vampire. Now buy some scary very light blue eye contacts and wear those. Make sure to find a black or white outfit. If your a man find a black suit, red tie and white shirt. You can also wear a black top hat if you have one. If your a girl find a long white dress or a cute one if you like. Now you will need to show your fangs to people when they see you and lick your lips. You can hiss at people that walk by and tell them you want to suck their blood. They are sure to get startled and walk a little faster.

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