Sherlock Holmes Costumes to Reappear in 2011?

According to several online sites including IMDB, there will be a second Sherlock Holmes movie arriving around Christmas 2011 or sooner. Warner Brothers has made the announcement that a sequel is on the way, but there have not been too many details released regarding the new movie or its plot. It is supposed to be directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. So far Rachel McAdams is rumored to be returning; however, no photos of her as Irene Adler are being shown for the latest movie.

All that we know about the plot is that Professor Moriarty is still the arch nemesis and he will still be trying to get in Sherlock’s way. Sherlock Holmes has long been a fascination for readers and movie goers. For decades, writers and directors have tried to bring about Sherlock Holmes on television and the big screen. Even Masterpiece Mystery Contemporary has offered a new take on Sherlock Holmes in recent months. For three Sundays, PBS offered a contemporary Sherlock Holmes in which the character was able to use cell phones, modern technology, and other handy equipment the true character never had. It made for an interesting interpretation.

Even anime has provided us with a Sherlock example in Detective Conan or as most United States fans know it- Case Closed with Conan Edogawa as a shrunken high school detective. This character was obsessed with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation of Sherlock Holmes. It was yet again a modern take on an age old character. It has certainly provided us with plenty of choices when it comes to costumes. There is always the plaid hunting cap, with plaid cloak and pipe for a Sherlock Holmes costume.

If that is not enough one can pull from Sherlock Holmes and the up and coming sequel to find more costumes. One could even go so far as to be Gil Grissom in a CSI costume in order to add a bit of difference, as this character was also highly fascinated with Sherlock Holmes. Amazingly enough Sherlock Holmes was not the original name of the character created by Doyle. The scientist turned writer changed the name once the novels became mainstream.

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