Sharpen Your Vampire Costume Fangs! Twilight New Moon Coming Soon

The Twilight Saga has caught teenagers’ attention around the world, and most definitely in the United States. Many are anticipating the second feature film The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which will arrive in theatres November 20th, 2009. The first film was in the top three advanced ticket sales behind the Dark Knight and Star Wars III. For the weeks that Twilight was in the theatre it accounted for 94 percent of weekly sales. 83 percent of fans stated they were planning to see the movie again. As a top grossing movie it is no wonder thousands are looking to return to the theatres for the next installment.

For those who have read the books you may not be wondering what is coming in the second movie. In fact you may be preparing to compare the book and the movie to judge whether the screen has recreated it or will be found wanting. Fans of books have been disappointed in the past when they are converted into movies. So get your judge costume out as you wait in line for this next part of the saga.

The plot picks up where the first movie left off. Bella has recovered from the vampire attack and wishes to celebrate her birthday with the Cullen family. Unfortunately a minor accident has Bella losing blood again. The Cullen’s decide to leave Washington for Bella and Edward’s sake. She makes a new friend in Jacob Black, yet danger is still lurking for Bella.

The love story continues as Bella is still in love with her vampire Edward Cullen. And he may have to return to save her. Jacob is not showing all that he is, as for some reason something is happening to him that he cannot share with Bella. Another person from Bella’s past comes back and so danger lurks in the corners, love is apparent, and we are in for yet another tale of vampires.

You have two months before Halloween to get your Twilight costume, and three months to recreate your vampire costume for the release of the second saga! So sharpen your costume fangs, prepare your clothing, and start hunting for those seats!

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