Seventh Moon A New Kind of Horror- Costume That Is!

Every year a number of movies are released into theatres or onto DVD. Some of the films created are cut straight to DVD, rather than spending time in theatres. As always the box office is a tough place to get, especially if a director is new to the scene. The creators of Seventh Moon are not unknown to us, but the movie was not considered enough of a smash to land in theatres.

Seventh Moon will be out on DVD on October 6th, 2009. It may be the new kind of horror film you need for Halloween. Sure you can bring out your favorites like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc., but why go for the old when something new and interesting is just waiting for you.

The film Seventh Moon is a horror flick based on Chinese Mythology. While you may not believe the mythology that surrounds the concept of the Seventh Moon, many in China do. In fact a number of villages and cities prepare for the Hungry Ghost Festival and then block their homes at night from unwanted visitors.

The mythological tale is that the Gates of Hell open on the Seventh Moon, allowing the dead to rise and walk the earth. These beings are dangerous, deadly even if you look out your window, and you may not be alive the next day if you are not careful. The film Seventh Moon follows a newly married couple who are on their honeymoon. They spend time at the festival, yet find the evening to be quite perilous.

So grab your death costume or your favorite devil costume and prepare for the release of Seventh Moon. If you liked the Blair Witch Project you may find this to be similar in tastes, but overall it is a horror flick. Zombie costumes would be most appropriate this Halloween if you enjoy this movie!

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