Scrat’s Got a Girlfriend in Ice Age 3: Check Out the Potential for a Squirrel Costume!

Scrat has been all alone in Ice Age and Ice Age the Meltdown. He is constantly trying to get an acorn he can store for food, always becoming disappointed when the acorn eludes his capture. As a prehistoric squirrel the costume for Scrat has been an entertaining one, with long teeth, a bushy tail, and clever little fingers. Recently I saw a new trailer for Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaur, which shows Scrat making another attempt at finding an acorn meal.

Before if you wanted a couples costume with Scrat you would need an Acorn along with you, but now Scrat’s got a girl, and the latest trailer shows just how the two meet. Scratte is the female version of a prehistoric squirrel. This squirrel costume is going to be even better than the one devised for Scrat. After all she has long lashes, to bat around, cute pointed teeth, a bushy tail, and a secret!

As the trailer began Scrat was falling out of Heavenly clouds back towards earth. He smells an acorn treat hiding up on a ledge, and as he works his way up to it, he discovers that the ledge is not unoccupied. No, there is someone else there with designs on his acorn.

The other squirrel turns around, with her batting eyes, painted with a little blue to enhance them, and Scrat has second thoughts about stealing her meal. Of course it is the age of survival, so instinct kicks in. The two fight and eventually Scratte is falling off the ledge. Scrat still holding the acorn decides he must rescue the damsel, and hops off the ledge after her.

They struggle in midair to determine who will win the acorn. Scrat finally gives up the acorn to help rescue his fair lady, only to find he’s the one in need of rescuing. As soon as the flirtatious squirrel has the acorn firmly in paw, she expands the folds of her skin, which act like a parachute. Catching poor Scrat unawares because he is not a flying squirrel!

Panic ensues and a splat is soon to follow, as Scrat is left with only a member of the meal and lady of his dreams. Squirrel costumes are not the only option you have when it comes to Ice Age Dawn off the Dinosaurs. The movie is ripe with dinosaur costumes to choose from. You also have the caveman costume and cavewoman costume if you want another couple’s idea!

Squirrel Costume

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