Scale Model Cardboard Adult Optimus Prime Costume

This Optimus Prime Transformer costume is a 6.5 x scale model of the 20th Anniversary action figure. It was a 6′ 5″ Optimus, due to multiple 2×4’s under each foot. It took several months to make out of cardboard boxes, plastic containers, lawnmower parts and lots of spray paint. It won first prize ($500) at the Roxy in Boston 2005 (see first picture) by audience applause. In 2006, the gun and cab lights were added. It then won first prize ($500) at The Liquor Store and first prize ($500) at the Boston Ski and Sports club event at Caffe Umbra. Search flickr for “optimusprime” and “halloween” from “matthewsim” for photos. Unfortunately it is time to say good bye to him on ebay: (

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