Saw IV for Halloween 2007!

Seems to be a tradition now! For the fourth year in a row, a new Saw movie is getting released for Halloween. The success of the movie and the perfect timing with Halloween explain a fourth (and maybe last?) release.

“Saw IV picks up right after Jigsaw’s death in Saw III. Jeff must find his daughter before her oxygen supply runs out. He must uncover the tapes left by Jigsaw to unlock the clues to her location. Along the way he discovers unimaginable secrets about Jigsaw’s past. To make matters worse, a character from the first film returns with a much different outlook on life.” from IMDB.

This is really exciting for big fans of the Saw trilogy to see this new release. Of course, the already super popular Saw masks will again be a hit for this Halloween. These Halloween masks are surely creepy and scary! You can choose between the Saw Puppet Mask or the Saw Pig Head Mask.

“Oh yeah, there will be blood…” well, we hope so!

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