Salting Up Your Costume

There were mixed reviews when it came to the movie Salt. The commercials made it seem like it could be a great movie, but was it going to be just another action film? Would there be anything to get out of it for costumes or even enjoyment? After having reviewed the film yesterday, I’ve come to the conclusion it wasn’t just another action film.

The question the film industry kept advertising “Who is Salt,” was definitely answered in the manner one figured it would be. The plot for its entirety was definitely easy to figure out, even down to who the mole was in the CIA. What kept it interesting were a few interesting lines, how Salt got to the target in the church, and of course the actors themselves.

It is rare for Angelina Jolie to make a bad film, acting wise. With Liev Schreiber added into the mix it certainly was enough to keep one entertained. So, while there were elements that all action films have the CIA plot, regarding Russian moles was at least a new tactic because typically the one named as a mole turns out to be innocent and there is always another bad guy. As one would expect from most films nowadays, the writers left the ending open for a sequel, but no talks have started yet as to whether it will make the cut for a second film.

For the part of costumes you have your usual CIA look of business suits, or one can be more inventive. At the very beginning Salt is a captive in the Korean government, if you add in a business suit with a little stage makeup for bruises you can have a tortured, yet alive CIA agent.

Then of course there are the different faces of Salt, which could add into your costume creation. For instance, you might have a blonde wig in the front, with a dark wig in the back, and two faces. You wouldn’t want to forget the tag line “Who is Salt!”

Another concept for a salt costume would be a bit of play on words with a salt shaker costume that peels back the layers revealing the CIA agent beneath.

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