Robin Hood Costume Reviews

Robin Hood has been done several times over the years and when they do not remake the movie they create Robin Hood as part of another story, such as Ivanhoe. The latest Robin Hood stars Russell Crowe as Robin. The difference in this most recent movie is that it was made to be closer to real history. While, some of the history is based on tales of Robin of the Hood there is definite proof that a man like him existed. When you examine Russell Crowe’s portrayal against that of Kevin Costner you will definitely see how history was changed in Prince of Thieves.

Robin Hood was not a noble or a knight, instead he was a common person of a sword smith. A few other differences is that King Richard the Lionheart never returned to England like they mention in the other movies. He did return for a short time after the crusades only to leave again and fight against France in 1199. It was during this fighting period he was mortally wounded. The crown was left to King John, which also meant the need for someone who could protect the people of England and keep France out. There is some fictional parts to the new movie, but on the whole it was kept as accurate as possible.

The one thing I noticed during the film was the costumes. It is hard to change the look of Robin Hood or the rest of the characters like King Richard, but they did succeed in one special aspect. It is the same as Gladiator costumes. The Robin Hood costumes did not suddenly become clean after a new take. Instead the director and crew made sure the essence of early life was shown accurately. A battle with blood and dirt was not suddenly removed in the following scene. It has given us an idea for how you can make your Robin Hood costume unique from the rest.

Sure you might wear the same tunic, hose, chainmail, and boots as any other Robin Hood, but if you want it authentic you can add a bit of dirt to un- brighten the costume. Furthermore, if you construct you own for a Robin Hood Party you can hand sew all of your costume to make it even better. With this new movie to learn from regarding costumes from the 12th century you will definitely be unlike any other Robin Hood.

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