Robbing with a Skeleton: Costumes Hinder Identification

Spiderman- no Superman, wait it was not a hero at all, instead it was five super villain costumes! At 10:16 pm Eastern Standard Time a call came into the Burlington Police department in Alamance County North Carolina. The caller wanted to report a robbery at their residence. According to the caller five men wearing Halloween costumes robbed a mobile home park on Durham Street. The five villains were carrying guns. The two victims stated that the five men approached them as they were walking up the drive to their home.

The victims stated the men were possibly African American, but with poor light, and the costumes it was very difficult to describe what these individuals really looked like. The two people were held at gun point and told to hand over any money they had. The suspects are thought to be between 15 and 25 years old. They were all about 5’10″¬ù and 165 pounds. Police are still searching for any information regarding the robbery.

Unfortunately the Halloween costumes have opened up a few jokes. One suspect was dressed in a skeleton costume, with black shirt and pants and white bones painted on it. The other costumes have yet to be described for the public. Comments about the incident have stated mostly been about bringing out the Justice League costumes or illuminating the bat signal to call in batman. For the two individuals who were robbed it is not laughing manner. Sadly in the US Halloween costumes are often used by evildoers to hide their faces during robberies. Even Hollywood has been known to perpetuate the idea of bank robbers who wear costumes.

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