Ring in the New! – New Year’s 2008!

2007 is winding to a close and with the end of the year inching closer, everyone’s getting their plans together for New Years Eve parties to ring in 2008. Everyone celebrates it differently. From sitting with family and watching the enormous, glittering ball drop in Times Square on television or live in New York City itself to throwing full-scale New Year’s bashes for friends and family at the homestead, banging pots and pans at the stroke of midnight.

This year, whatever you do, do it in style. Think about ringing in 2008 with some crazy costumes to add a bit more pizzazz to your New Year’s soir_ɬ©e. Don’t just watch the ball drop, this year BE the ball! Dress as a giant ball and add your own glitzy, silver accessories, wrapping it up with a 2008 tiara or banner.

For a more traditional look or a fun couple’s costume, try going as the old year, represented by Father Time wearing a 2007 banner along with a Big Baby — complete with oversized bottle, rattle, and diapers –to symbolize the coming New Year.

If none of those are your sort of thing, then just save your host the trouble of finding a new lampshade and bring your own to put on your head. Everyone loves that guy who throws back a few and gets a little rowdy to bring up the energy of the party. However, when the party’s over and there’s a crumpled lampshade to Aunt Petunia’s favorite family heirloom that needs to be replaced the morning after January 1st. Be a conscientious party guest and wear your own lampshade inspired headgear. You’ll still be the hit of the party and will be more than welcome back for New Year’s Eve 2009!

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