Riding the Rainbow to St. Patrick’s Day Costumes

Your favorite national holiday of Ireland is skipping into play. Just two weeks hence will be Saint Patrick’s Day, and as always it is celebrated on March 17th. Saint Patrick is the most recognized Patron Saint, most particularly of Ireland. He lived during AD 385 to 461. As a Christian missionary he spent most of his time in Ireland, even after being ordained by the church. Not much is known about St. Patrick’s works, and only two authentic letters that he wrote have stood the test of time. Saint Patrick is one of the patron saints of Ireland. Brigid of Kildare is another, but she is less celebrated.

Immigration from Ireland has brought the holiday to many countries like Canada, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, and the United States. With just two weeks until the coming holiday it is imperative to get your Irish costume ready for you know there will be little leprechauns running around testing to see if you have a spot of green on!

Today the celebration of St. Patrick’s varies little from the original US traditions. Several cities including New York turn the river green in honor of the holiday, and many also have parades to mark the occasion. It is a day for green beer, silly hats, and a lot of luck.

Whether you will dress up in a leprechaun costume or choose something else to celebrate the saint, you still have plenty of time to get yourself ready. Costume parties will be held in just about every major city or you can go for a less rowdy appearance with just a spot of green like a four leaf clover shirt.

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