Repo!: The Genetic Opera – DVD and costumes!

Touted as the 21st century equivalent to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Repo!: The Genetic Opera is the latest goth-tinged movie musical to develop a huge cult following. Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (the man behind the Saw film franchise), Repo is set in the not-so-distant future with the world overtaken by organ failure on a massive level, as well as recreational plastic surgery. A mega corporation helmed by the wealthy and corrupt Rotti Largo “solves” this problem by replacing organs with persons being able to pay “on time” for them. The stipulation is, if they miss a payment, the Genetic Repo Men come to repossess the organs. Delinquent debters are put on display in a nightly showcase known as “the Genetic Opera.”

Done entirely in musical format, the plot is complicated by intrigue with a sick little girl named Shilo Wallace whose father is (unbeknownst to her) a Repo Man in the service of Largo and his family of even more corrupt heirs. With a completely original score blending opera with industrial rock, the film also brings together actors from the worlds of Broadway and cult-camp film. Among the cast are noted singers Sarah Brightman and Paul Sorvino as well as Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Bill Mosely (Devil’s Rejects), and Paris Hilton. (Yes. THAT Paris Hilton.) Check out a trailer for the film here.

Ready for release on DVD on January 20th, the film has already become a cult classic, inspiring legions of fans to get dressed up for showings at “Repo Road Tour” events. You, too, can hop on the bandwagon and dress up as your favorite Repo characters with some of our costume How To’s.

Check out How to Make a Shilo Costume … or How to make a Pavi Largo costume… or How to make a Blind Mag costume!

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