RECIPES: Oscar Party – SlumHot Dog Chillionaires

Another Oscar-themed recipe, the little Bollywood indie film that could, Slumdog Millionaire is poised to clean up big time at the Academy Awards. If you’re throwing your own Oscar party, these can be a fun main course that combines a bit of gourmet and Indian cuisine with good ol’ American food! Kind of like a spicy, chilli-dog slider, there’s enough meat and cheese to keep your guests satisfied and not break your bank!


1. Mini Hot Dogs

2. Mini Hot Dog buns OR full-sized hot dog rolls cut into thirds.

3. Chilli (from a can, instant mix — add your own beans — or from your own recipe)

4. Curry powder

5. American Cheese

6. Jalapeno peppers (served on the side in a bowl)

7. Toothpicks – OPTIONAL


1. Prepare your mini hot dogs as per directions on the package. You can boil or broil them, or make a little bit of both to please the palattes of your guests.

2. Lightly toast (or warm) the mini hot dog buns, or cut a standard-sized bun into thirds to make the hot dog equivalent of sliders before you warm them. Also, a lightly toasted bun will prevent them from getting soggy with the chilli sauce.

3. Begin cooking your chilli. You can use a canned version or one of the instant mixes that just requires you add your own beans.

4. Add a bit of curry powder (to your own tastes) to the chilli for a dash more spice and to add some Indian flavor to this otherwise rather American dish.

5. Put the mini hot dogs into their buns and cover them with a thin layer of American cheese. (Half a slice to a third of a slice will do nicely.) The cheese will slightly melt over the hot dog.

6. Spoon a bit of the piping hot chilli over the top of the cheese-covered hot dogs. This will make the cheese melt even more and give you a delicious chilli dog! Serve hot to guests on a platter.

7. Have a dish of jalapeno peppers on the side to serve with the SlumDogs. If your guests love hot food, they can alter it to their own preferences!

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