RECIPE: Texas Tommy Hot Dogs

Summer time is ideal for throwing some burgers and hot dogs on the grill. As good as the hot-off-the-grill meat tastes, you may want to jazz up your hot dogs to be something out of the ordinary. Be a hero at the hibachi this summer with this delicious recipe… Because everything tastes better with cheese and bacon!


1. Hot dog buns

2. Hot dogs

3. Slices of American cheese

4. Package of bacon

5. Paper towels (for blotting bacon)

##Putting together your Texas Tommy Hot Dogs##

Step 1: Start off by frying up some bacon of your choice. If you want something slightly sweet, try maple bacon, or for a much more meaty taste, opt for healthy turkey bacon instead of pork. Fry it up in the pan to your satisfaction. You may want to have some strips done extra crispy and others less crisp to cater to the individual tastes of your guests.

Step 2: Place the cooked strips of bacon on a plate covered with a paper towel. Then, place another paper towel over the bacon. Use the napkins to blot excess grease from the bacon.

Step 3: Warm the buns on the side of the grill and begin grilling your hot dogs.

Step 4: Once the hot dogs are done, you can either wrap them in bacon (careful, they’ll be hot, or layer a strip of bacon over them and lay it in the bun. While they’re all still hot, put a slice of cheese over the top and the heat will melt it slightly.

Step 5: Eat hot and don’t worry… No ketchup, mustard, or relish is neccessary with these! Yum!

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