RECIPE: Red, White, and Bleu Cheese Apples

A very quick, simple recipe that’s a tasty and healthy snack that can be served for a 4th of July appetizer or for a President’s Day gathering.


1. Block of softened bleu cheese

2. Three Gala or Fuji red apples. (Red Delicious apples also work well.)


1. Core your apples. Don’t peel them as you want a nice, red skin for a sharp contrast to the cheese. Gala and (particularly) Fuji apples work really well for this recipe since they’re sweet, yet slightly tangy. If you prefer a sweeter apple, go for a classic Red Delicious.

2. Slice your apples into decent-sized, 1/4 inch slices.

3. Grab a knife and spread the apple slice with a thin layer of tasty bleu cheese.

4. The red-white-and-bleu color combination is patriotic AND delicious! Fan out your apple slices in an arc to give a nice presentation and add a dollop of bleu cheese in the middle in case your guests prefer cheesier apples.

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