RECIPE: Easy Chicken Cheese Quesadillas

Stumped for some good, Mexican-inspired foods to serve for Cinco de Mayo? This one is cheap and easy and can be customized to your taste!


1. Several 8 inch flour tortillas (regular or whole wheat)

2. 1 lb. (or more) of boneless skinless chicken tenders OR several cans of pre-cooked chicken

3. 12 oz. shredded Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese (Or 12 oz. package of shredded Mexican blend cheese)

4. Cooking spray

5. Salsa (Hot, Mild, or Regular)

6. Sour Cream (Regular or Fat Free)

7. OPTIONAL – Jalapenos or peppers to serve on the side


Step 1: Sautee your boneless skinless chicken tenders in a skillet or sautee/frying pan. You can use your choice of marinade or just water. Season as desired until they are cooked thoroughly and there is no pink on the inside when cut.

Step 2: Shred your chicken or cut it into small pieces. (OPTIONAL: Save a step and use canned chicken, which is also low in fat and you don’t need to cook or shred anything!)

Step 3: Spray the bottom of a frying pan or skillet with your non-stick cooking spray, turn the burner on and lay your first tortilla in the bottom flat.

Step 4: Spread a layer of shredded cheese on the bottom of your tortilla. It should get slightly melted.

Step 5:Put some chicken in the middle of your tortilla. You will want more chicken than cheese on this one. Then, sprinkle another thin layer of cheese (or as much as you want) on top of the chicken.

Step 6: Flip one side of your tortilla over itself (like an omlette) and you’ll have a half-moon in the frying pan. Slide your quesadilla out onto a plate and cut into quarters.

Step 7: Repeat steps until you make as many quesadillas as you like for your guests. They are very filling and one quesadilla can be an entire meal. They also make great appetizers with just a quarter of one being rather tasty and fairly filling.

Step 8: Serve with dollops of sour cream and/or salsa on the side for dipping. You can also set out a bowl of peppers or jalapeno slices for guests to put on their quesadillas if they like ’em hot! Enjoy!

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