Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter

This is an outfit for Prof. Trelawney, It’s relitively easy with a few things you can change yourselves.

Some things in this outfit will be hard to find, but ii looks great and you WILL get compliments!


-long dress in cool colors with a flowery of calico design, most things will work.

-white vest

-long green or clue trenchcoat

-layers of funky, long necklaces

-‘harry potter’ glasses in black, any glasses you would like, really

-wig (i didnt use one and it worked out fine, but you can if you’d like)

-silky head scarf or any fabric you can tie on your head

-old shoes (it doesnt matter if your dress covers your feet which it should)

-accesories you can think of

1) Put on your dress, vest and trenchcoat in that order.

2) Layer necklaces and anything else.

3) Rat your hair (or wig) up to a good height, it should be messy and hard to tame when it’s done. Use lots of hairspray! Keep fluffing it throughout the day/night.

4) Tie the head scarf around your hairline/forehead.

5) Put on glasses and shoes. Your makeup should be natural, but you can play it up if you’d like.

You can add your own personal touches to this outfit. Whatever you think of, you can add!

If you have questions, please ASK!! I’ll be happy to answer! Good luck!

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