Print up some cute masks for Easter!

Easter is only a few days away! If you haven’t gotten batches of eggs hard boiled and ready to be dyed with Easter egg kits, you had better get a move on! And even if you haven’t there’s still plenty of time to get in touch with your artistic side to celebrate the holiday.

In addition to painting and dying eggs, kids can get involved with making Easter decorations or making masks with Costumzee’s printable paper masks. Just download the image from the Costumzee Printable Easter Masks section and print it directly from your screen in bright, brilliant color or in a plain black-and-white design that kids can color in or add their own unique touches and features to make their masks their own.

Some of the same art supplies you can use for decorating your Easter eggs can be used to add some flair to each different Printable Mask. Grab some glitter, glue, soft felt-tip markers, and maybe even some feathers and cotton balls to turn a Lamb Mask into a wooly critter, or even to add a cottony tail to Easter eggs or a Bunny Mask. Feathers are perfect to add a “cheep” yet fun touch to a Chick Mask or Hatching Egg Mask.

You’re only as limited as your imagination will allow! Another fun idea is to print out and mount on cardboard a plain mask for the kiddies and add an extra something special to their Easter Basket, like a package of crayons or markers for them to color in on their own. Or, become the toast of the neighborhood by supplying printable paper masks for kids to decorate before an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. And don’t forget to dress up yourself or make your own mask!

Get hoppin’ and have a Happy Easter!

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