President costume ideas for Halloween

Here is an idea: dress up as a president for Halloween…or as presidents!

Yes, this costume idea would be also pretty unique for a group. Imagine each of you playing a specific character, that would be hilarious!

You can also use this costume idea as a couple, you’ll see below a few ideas of presidents and 1st ladies.

There is a wide selection of president masks to choose from, political well knows and also candidates running the 2008 elections.

Abraham Lincoln

George W. Bush (and 1st Lady Laura Bush)

George W. Bush Senior (and Barbara Bush)

Ronald Reagan

Dick Cheney

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton

Al Gore

John Kerry

Governor Shwarzenegger

George Washington (and Martha Washington)

Theodore Roosevelt

Thomas Jefferson

John F. Kennedy (and Jackie Onassis)

Sorry, we could not find any Barack Obama mask available for this Halloween, but that might be a good idea for the costume makers out there to create one for next year! Who knows what might happen in 2008!!

UPDATE: well, we were wrong, it did not take a year to come! The first Barack Obbama masks are available online at!!

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