Popular baby costume ideas

Are you wondering which costumes are most popular for babies? Are you running out of ideas or have simply no idea? Today, we’d like to show you some of the most popular and/or unique baby costume ideas for Halloween.

Tom Arma costumes: these costumes are probably the cutest and most unique out there. Tom Arma offers a wide range of animal, flower, Christmas related costumes in many baby sizes. You cannot go wrong with it, and you’ll have the best pictures ever to share with friends and family.

Pea pod costumes: ranked as the most popular baby costume last year, the pea pod baby costume is just a classic!

Baby Einstein costumes: this is a up and coming costume idea. Due to the Baby Einstein DVD success, the costumes are available in 3 style: Lion, Duck and Dragon.

Elmo costumes: from the Sesame Street series, this is a classic baby costume idea!

Super heroe baby costumes: you can choose Superman, Baby Spider-Man, Baby Hulk, Baby Batman, Baby Wonder Woman.

Movie baby costumes: adult pirates of course will be popular this year, and you will find pirate costumes for your baby as well! Some other cute ideas include the: Zorro baby costume, baby Scooby-doo, baby Star Wars (Yoda, Princess Leia, Chewbacca) to list only a few!

We have a lot of baby Halloween costumes on CostumZee, make sure to browse through all the results pages to find an idea that suits best your baby boy or baby girl!

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