Ponzi Halloween Scheme: the Bernard Madoff mask!

This is one of those costume ideas that could be really popular this Halloween! CostumZee just found out that a Bernard Madoff mask will be available in the upcoming months online for purchase.

Many Halloweeners like to dress up with costume ideas that some might judge tasteless… There is no doubt that Bernie Madoff is probably the most hated man on Earth right now and a lot of people would rather never see his face again, ever, so it might be quite of a shock for them on Halloween night when opening to door to trick and treaters!

Here is the full view of the mask:

Bernard Madoff mask

So if you are ready for the challenge, pair the Bernard Madoff mask with the following items:

A Jail or convict costume

Bernard Madoff jail costume

Bernard Madoff convict costume

A business suitcase

business suitcase

Fake Money

fake money

And… Handcuffs!


Here you go! With this, you’ll definitely make an impact at any Halloween party with the Bernard aka Bernie Madoff mask! Tasteless or funny, you decide!

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