Pirate lace Bodice, Blue Skirt NWT, Belt, Head sash

Avast Mate, Swashbuckle yourself over here to Crows Nest Vintage. Clap your weary vagabond eyes on this Pirate Lass 5 piece outfit sure to spark some warmth in the old land lubbers heart.

Skirt “Hourglass” flirt handkerchief hem black lace trimmed New with Tags blue polyester skirt size Juniors large, has elastic in waist band measures 29 inches circumference. Waist band does have a small amount of give, but not a tremendous amount.

Bodice Black as Manchester coal lace bodice with black lace ribbons ties to lace up this devilish man trap audaciousness under wire bra cups. Made with black satin spaghetti straps and points constructed at the bottom of the black lace bodice, stretches a bit bodice. This bodice looks great with any other item and is an excellent piece to work with.

Red Sash for ye Noggin’ to keep Yer lustrous locks from blowin’ straight across Ye eyes, it do.

Slim waist cincher that ties with leather ties for dramatic effects. I knew Ye would ask me that, measures 36 inches, and is might near 2 inches wide.

Last on Me list of daring do, is the purple garter made fer me Ladies appendage. Worn on the thigh, this pretty purple garter might catch the eye of a rovin’ sea captain. Now if Ye be a quick witted Lass, Ye be havin’ an item or two stashed in that pretty little scrap of lace.

As Ye may know our theater productions of “Pirates of Penzance” is near to happenin’ with the premier on July 16 – August 9, 2009, College of the Mainland.


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