Photo: Banjo And Kazooie Costumes

Pretty good!

If you are not a video gamer and just wonder who these characters Banjo and Kazooie are, read below:

>Banjo is the main character in the game and the character in which the series was named after. His name comes from the instrument Banjo, which is small, circular and is similar to the guitar. The Banjo has normally four to five strings which are plucked to make a sound.

>A red crested breegull who stays in Banjo’s Backpack. She gives Banjo most of his attacks and skills. When Banjo talks to most of his friends, Kazooie tends to butt in and insult them. She doesn’t have very good social skills, and rarely addresses people nicely, and almost every character in the game(minus banjo), was given an insulting nickname by her.She also has the ability to shoot and fart eggs, this being her main weapon.

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