Peace No Longer Reign’s in the Battle for Terra

Animated films such as the Battle for Terra make wonderful costumes for children and adults. Each year Hollywood seems to bring out the best animated films using CGI. Last year we had Bolt, Wall E, and in years past such films as Final Fantasy. The Battle for Terra provides numerous new costumes for us to enjoy including aliens and humans. The alien costumes will be like no other before because these inhabitants of Terra are peaceful.

Unfortunately Terrians are about to find out that humans are not so peaceful as they. Instead the last surviving humans are looking for a new earth that they can control. The humans battle in fighter ships to annihilate the Terrians. They have never seen battles before and are not really equipped to fight the humans and win.

Yet there is hope. Mala, a young Terrian, has a knack for getting into trouble. She is the daughter of the Terra doctor who falls into an unlikely love match. Watch out girls for Luke Wilson as Lt. Jim Stanton. He certainly plays the part well! Mala, played by Evan Rachel Wood, finds Lt. Jim Stanton injured. With their love they try to find a way to solve the battle peacefully. They want to end the war so that no more humans or Terrians have to die. Yet, how can they convince their leaders?

As the team works to bring peace, Mala’s father is taken. She must find him not only because of her love, but he can save their people. On their journey to the human’s mother ship they talk of ways to co- exist before it is too late for either race. If only the human’s will realize that they do not have to kill the Terrian’s in order to live on the land the Terrian’s inhabit.

mala and jim costumesFor girls looking for a hero in Sci-Fi Mala costumes will provide the perfect answer. She is very intelligent, and her destiny seems to be one of heroism. For the boys there is the hero in Lt. Jim Stanton costumes. He is the perfect guy for saving the earth, while protecting what he loves.

This tale is one of misguided ambition. General Hemmer costumes denote a man who believes the only way to save his people is to annihilate the Terraformers. Though he is wrong, he is not an overly evil man as you find in other animated movies. There is a goodness to him if only it can be reached before the Terraformers are wiped out.

Roven costumes are another option of the alien inhabitants. Roven is played by Dennis Quaid and is Mala’s father. As a doctor he can help heal the wounded, but more than that he is firm when needed. On the journey to save a nation the writers of Battle for Terra show how two races can eventually live in peace even after all that has been wrought. Throughout the tale they provide us with a number of Battle for Terra costumes for our next costume party.

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