Palaeontologist Costumes from Land of the Lost

Whether Hollywood is running out of films or just trying to bring back some of the past successes, Land of the Lost is a remake. Land of the Lost will be released on June 5th 2009 with Will Farrell staring as Dr. Rick Marshall.

Riving the 1960’s film the plot begins with Dr. Rick Marshall getting caught in a vortex that throws off time. His research assistant and a redneck survivalist will also be along for the ride as they wind up in a different universe. In this new place all three meet a primate who becomes their friend and helper with regard to dinosaurs.

Creatures that existed during the time of dinosaurs will also be prevalent in the film. The question is can the trio make it back or will they spend the rest of their lives running from the dinosaurs? Certainly the palaeontologists will have a great deal to talk about when they make it back!!

Films such as Land of the Lost provide us with more than a look at the past. This type of film brings a child’s imagination to life with dinosaur costumes! Dino costumes are always a hit for children because it is based on something we no longer see around us. It asks us to envision what life could have been like during a time when beasts ruled the earth.

Comedy aside in the film, if you are looking for a great idea for this year’s Halloween or a child’s birthday in June think about the Land of the Lost theme. You have archaeology costumes along with Dinosaurs. Monkey Costumes or Pterodactyls will fulfil your imagination. Run with the dinosaurs this season, and catch your own piece of history. Will Farrell and the other actors are definitely going to bring to life the past, as if it was our reality!

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