Out of shelves already…

Interesting. For a couple of days now, we heard and read several reports that Indiana Jones and The Joker costumes are already running out at stores…and we’re only August 25th, exactly 2 months before the last rush of online Halloween costume purchases!

You’ve probably seen the Joker costume idea rank #1 on CostumZee for weeks now, and that was expected. Indiana Jones costumes ranked early this year in June as #1, but it couldn’t fight The Dark knight and The Joker costumes.

I picked up a story this morning from the KansasCity.com news site which backs up the early report from our online partners that these popular costumes are selling out faster than expected and shipments from their distributors are late.

So one advise we can share with you is to leave your email address at online halloween retailers that offer to alert you when stock will come in. At the rate things are going so far this year, you will need to add quickly because there will be a massive rush on these costumes as soon they become available.

And if you’re not lucky enough to buy a costume, check out our How Tos:

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As one owner of the local costume store said, and i can’t agree more with that:

“Geneva Campbell, owner of Costumes & More in North Kansas City, has declared pirates out this Halloween season.

“They’re done for. They overplayed them bad boys,”¬ù she says. “How many times can you be a pirate for Halloween?”¬ù”

The 2008 Hollywood movies will be the most popular costume ideas this Halloween, and there is no doubt that The Joker will take home the #1 rank… Of course, we’ll have to wait anther 10 weeks to see if I am right!

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