Otis Driftwood and Baby Firefly of Devil’s Rejects

We bought everything piece by piece, you can only see from our waist up here, but it’s all to movie specs. and accented with real stage blood. We were able to get both our wigs and facial hair at a Halloween store, facial hair went on with spirit gum and I just had to trim it a bit to get it the right length and choppyness. We had toy guns that we painted jet black to look as real as possible and since I was Otis, I carried a loosely draped leather belt around my waist all night holding a leather knife holster with a fake plastic, push-stab knife and my gun jammed in there when not being waved around the room. I used dark gray pants for this, and covered them in brown cream make up for a dirty look, then added stage blood and cheap costume blood on top of that and let it all dry before wearing. My shirt as Otis was a ripped, cut off sleeve t-shirt that I took and added the “burn the flag” image used in the first film, House of 1,000 Corpses… I simply drew it on to size with a black sharpie and outlined it a bunch of times to make sure it stood out from behind that blood and dirt. The Baby Firefly outfit was a mix of what she wore in the beginning of the movie and what she looked like at the end of the movie. My g/f wore a short, cut-off jean skirt with brown pleather boots coming up about the same height as those worn by Baby in the movie. We covered her legs with brown cream make up for a dirty look and added the same, plus stage blood to the skirt itself. (photos coming as soon as we get them). Her shirt was a white tank top which we strategically put blood and fake dirt make up onto, we also put the hand prints on her arms in the same location as that used in the movie. Some details that really set this off, was the bandages Otis wears on his hands after being nailed to the chair by the sheriff.. I wore sopping bloody wet bandages around both my hands all night and everything I touched got red sage blood on it.. just as if I had actually been bleeding some insane amount.

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