Oktoberfest…Coming up fast!

We all already start focusing about Halloween. Although it is quite a way, it’s the time of the year when things accelerate and are getting in place for the Halloween season. Merchants present their new collections of 2007 Halloween costumes, retail stores start getting the decorations out, well, that’s business so they got to get started early. Anyway.

But, we almost forget about another great Holiday, that mostly only Germans celebrate, although it is pretty popular in the US also: Oktoberfest.

Well, any opportunity to have fun is a good one right?

Oktoberfest will be celebrated on Sept. 2nd this year. So if you are looking to have fun, and dress up for the occasion, you might want to check out the most popular Oktoberfest costume ideas we have picked up for you.

So choose from original German costumes, Hansel and Gretel costumes, sexy German costumes, or Fraulein costumes!

Oh, and don’t drink and drive, please 🙂

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