Octo-Mom vs. Kate Gosselin! Mrrowr! Get catty with costumes!

And out come the claws! In a battle for tabloid cover for supremacy, ferociously fertile matriarchs, Nadya Suleman (AKA – Octomom) and Kate Gosselin of John and Kate Plus Eight have been taking pot shots at one another. Earlier in the year, Kate Gosselin remarked how Octomom has no clue what she’s in for with raising eight kids (in addition to the other six Suleman had before popping out the fabled octet) and accused her of seeking attention. In return, Suleman has pretty much returned the fire, noting that Gosselin was the pot calling the kettle black.

Additionally, they’ve both criticized one another for their plastic surgeries — Octomom’s Angelina Jolie-fication and Kate’s obvious tummy tuck enabling her to prance around in a bikini with a new, higher belly button.

Perhaps this feud has been stemmed with neither of these multiple-moms wanting to share the reality TV airwaves with one another. As if you haven’t been bombarded by fecund family fun with John and Kate Plus Eight marathons, Octomom and her brood are soon to get their own reality show, too!

Which of these two uber-moms do you side with? Octomom Nadya or Kate Gosselin? Or neither of them!? Show your support — or poke fun at your mom of choice with fun, culturally relevant DIY costumes. Make it a double date (plus eight) with a John and Kate couple’s costume… Or go it solo (with eight tiny baby dolls strapped to various appendages with your own Octomom costume made for laughs with oversized lips, a long black wig, and eight new little friends!

Hey, ladies! Chill out! There’s room for everyone on the cover of the National Enquirer!

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