Not Your Old West Bounty Hunter Costume

When life closes in and you’re feeling a little low, there is always comedy. It can be a little shared joke, a night in a comedy club, or in the case of this weekend it can be a movie of the Comedy Genre. Friday March 19th, 2010 Bounty Hunter was released in theatres.

It may not get the top spot for theatrical releases like Alive in Wonderland or even the still popular Avatar, but it is a movie worth seeing if you need a little laugh and a couple hours to get away from it all.

Bounty Hunter stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. Butler is a retired cop who has turned bounty hunter. He also has a gambling problem and problems with his ex- wife. Aniston plays Butler’s ex-wife as a reporter who uncovers a story. Butler’s character Milo Boyd is sent on an assignment to bring his bail jumper wife back because she was following a lead on her story missing her court date for an incident with a police horse.

The concept may have been a little predictable, but the two actors really made the comedy shine and the hour and a half spent in the theatre worth it. It has also brought to mind the bounty hunter costume concept.

The film may not have had any great costumes, but Dog the Bounty Hunter costume could be your next choice. Dog have been missing from A&E with new shows for a bit of rough commentary, but he is back with all new shows. Thus his popularity among costume folks has also resurfaced.

Dog Bounty Hunter Costume

Dog the Bounty Hunter is not the only costume you might consider for a bounty hunter costume theme. Another news release has sparked some interest for fans of Janet Evanovich. Evanovich writes a series with a character called Stephanie Plum. The 16 books in the series have been increasingly popular for their comedy. In the news a resurgence of a movie concept has occurred. NY Times released that Heigel from Grey’s Anatomy will be playing the fun loving character Stephanie Plum in a Columbia Picture.

So what does this have to do with Bounty Hunter Costumes? Stephanie Plum is a lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter. She is perhaps the sexiest fictional bounty hunter around! At the very least she is the most dangerous amateur what with her penchant for blowing up cars, getting shot at, and you cannot forget her two love interests. Pretty soon fans of the series may be able to have a Stephanie Plum sexy bounty hunter costume based on the movie!

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