New G.I. Joe Trailer Gives Great Glimpse at Costumes

With Watchmen and X-Men Origins: Wolverine either currently playing or recently exited theatres, more extensive trailers are being released for the rest of the big crop of summer movies. Most recently is the new trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra which is due out in August.

The trailer shows some serious special effects (such as Cobra arms dealer Destro taking part in the Eiffel Tower’s collapse and various and sundry cataclysmic explosions) and even more serious gadgets and costumes featured in the film. See it for yourself and check out the new trailer here.

Die-hard fans of the comic book/classic cartoon of the ’80s were lukewarm at the initial designs presented in promo shots of the film from its early stages in production. Fans’ main gripe was the similarities between many of the costumes of the major characters, opting for the more hyper-realistic styles that became a comic book film franchise trend with the sleek, realistic (and usually all-black, as opposed to bright primary colors favored in comics) designs for classic characters. The complaint was that the characters, who in the cartoon all had distinctly different, yet still relatively realistic looks, all are shown wearing almost exactly the same costume.

As always, it’s a double-edged sword for Children of the ’80s, seeing the relics of their childhood translated decades later to the big screen. On one hand, it’s exciting to see a cartoon brought to life in a live-action film. On the other, what if they get it wrong?

Although fans still have mixed feelings towards glimpses of the sleek, new look of the G.I. Joe team, one thing they can agree on is that they love the film looks for fan-favorite ninjas Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, as well as the Baroness, Cobra’s main villainess.

So far, a few officially licensed ready-to-wear G.I. Joe costumes have been released. So far, fans already have their favorites at their disposal in adult and children’s sizes with costumes for both ninjas, the Joe’s Snake Eyes and Cobra’s Storm Shadow, each with their own distinctive black or white ninja gear and accessories.

Although there are no official costumes for women to wear to their next Halloween party or cosplay event, ladies who want to dress up as the Baroness can check out our DIY tutorial on how to make the Baroness’ costume here.

As for costumes to come for other major characters in the G.I. Joe film, we’ll all just have to wait. If you’re a Joe (or Cobra) fan, what costumes do YOU want to see made available for fans to purchase?

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