Need advice: semi-sexy Vaudeville style costume?

Ok so, I’m going to a costume party tomorrow and I have limited funds and a limited availability of stuff nearby. I decided I will probably wear a corsette-style black top with tiny white polka dots and trimmed in lace, with these semi-loose pants I have that are patterned in tiny black and white checkers. I’m going to pin the pants up somehow to make them look a bit like bloomers and then wear either a tiny black hat and black tights with my black sneakers or a big red floppy hat with these red high-heeled boots (slightly different reds, but nothing really noticeable). I also have a white shawl I can wear with it and I think I’m going to do some basic, feminine clown make-up just around my eyes and mouth. Anyway, I just need some general thoughts on how that all sounds (if it sounds like it makes sense with the theme i’m going for and which accessories would be best). I’m leaning toward the red accessories, with a red sash, too. But not entirely sure still.

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