Need a job? Like mascots & baseball?

Here is a call i picked up this week from the BostonHerald that might interest some of you.

If you’re into wearing mascot costumes for fun, and a baseball fan, further more, a Boston Red Sox fan, AND you are looking for a job, this is your chance! Want to know more?

“To cope with increasing requests for public appearances, the Sox have sent out a call for job seekers willing to don Wally the Green Monster’s costume part time for community and corporate events.”

Ok. You might NOT make a fortune cause that’s a side job, but to me it looks like it’s pretty laid back and you might get a chance to hang out with some of the Red Sox team members. Good deal huh?

One thing before you consider applying…. “Applicants should be prepared to cope with the boiling heat and 50-pound weight of the Wally costume, while keeping a crowd ”

Do you think you could make it?!

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