National Geographic Provides a Mammoth of a Costume!!

Sunday April 26th 2009, National Geographic unveiled a startling discovery from Siberia. A baby mammoth was found perfectly preserved on the edges of a riverbank. Lyuba, as they named her, lived on the tundra about 40,000 years ago. She was only a month old at her death. This determination was made from several scientific tests done on her body. Rather than just a skeleton, i.e. bones, Lyuba was covered in petrified skin even her trunk was still intact. A find like this is one in a million.

For costumers Lyuba presents a “tusk”¬ù for us. Mammoths no longer rule the planet. Instead their hearty selves fell during the Ice Ages. Yet, Lyuba creates a link to this long ago past and presents us with a new costume idea- The Baby Mammoth Costume! Lyuba has already created quite a sensation, and we already know she was part of a herd. She was still with her mother in her short life. Be the first one to make a Lyuba mammoth costume in honor of the new Ice Age film. Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs will be released in theatres in July 2009. Your favorite characters will be back on screen.

Lyuba Costume Idea

While Lyuba may have been a real Woolly Mammoth, she will make a wonderful addition to the fictional characters. If you already have a Manny the Mammoth Costume you might want to dust it off and join him up with a little baby mammoth costume based on Lyuba. Ellie the Mammoth costume will make a great mother for Lyuba. Ellie will again be played by Queen Latifah in the new movie. Her character was added in Ice Age the Meltdown. She was brought up to think she was an opossum, yet fell in love with Manny.

With Lyuba, Ellie, and Manny you can have a whole herd and family of Mammoths. The time to begin is now for your costumes. Do not wait until July. If you will be making your own costume you will need a few weeks to plan and execute it; especially if you are working on three costumes. You can also find Woolly Mammoth costumes pre- made to make your little family.

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