NASCAR: Speed and Surprises

NASCAR is surprisingly hot right now. No longer relegated to the Southern portion of the U.S., NASCAR is enjoying a boom of popularity nationwide. No one can quite explain how or why this formerly dubbed “redneck” sport has found its way into the mainstream… It just has!

Drivers like Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon have landed themselves on national television commercials, promoting products. Even in the Northeastern part of the country, it isn’t uncommon to find decals on cars for Dale Jr. and a #3 as a tribute to Dale’s father, the late and legendary Dale Earnhardt. Or maybe it was Will Ferrell’s portrayal of ficticious goofball racecar dviver Ricky Bobby in the comedy Talladega Nights that got people revved on racing?

Currently, Jeff Gordon leads in the 2009 standings for the sport’s highest honor, the Sprint Cup (formerly known as the Winston Cup). Tony Stewart is in fifth, although that could change by the time the final standings roll around.

By the time Halloween rolls around, we’ll have to see which of these three officially licensed NASCAR kids costumes will be the winner of the most popular driver costume. So far, although he’s absent from the standings, Dale Jr. has two costumes for kids to choose from:

Dale Jr Amp costume

Dale Jr. National Guard Costume

First in the standings, Jeff Gordon has just one:

Jeff Gordon costume

And last but not least, Tony Stewart has a featured costume, too!

Tony Stewart costume

Although these officially licensed costumes are just for the kiddies, adults can create their own versions of these costumes or opt for a Talladega Nights costume. Ladies can even get in on the act by attempting to come up with their own version of a Danica Patrick costume or a cute or sexy racing costume all their own… right down to stylish checkered flag shoes!

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