MY URSULA costume

Take a strapless BLACK DRESS (knee length or shorter [can’t be too long, so that you can see your tentacles])

If you want to be bulky like ursula, you might need to stuff it.

For the LEGS, I found those furry attatchable CAT TAILS, (extra long) and they work perfectly b/c they have wire in them already.

Get 8 CAT TAILS (about $5 ea. @ party city) and sew or glue them to the inside bottom edge of your dress from underneath.

To make them look like TENTACLES, glue some donut shaped beads, or those big flat sequins to one side of each, and then bend them different ways ( so that you don’t look like a spider!) You could use fishing line to attach two to your wrists, so they move with your arms.

You can paint yourself purple, or not… I’m not going to.

For your legs (since they’ll be exposed) you could leave them (since sexy is so popular for halloween)

or get some BLUE LEGGINGS or opaque stockings and glue some starfish, or sandollars to them (nothing to heavy) or just wear a pair of FISHNETS over that (FISH nets- for the nautical theme)

HAIR- baby powder makes hair look gray or white, depending on how much you use, & you can find wigs or hair spray paint.

And her LIPS are RED, EYES are BLUE, Eyebrows are drawn on high.

Hope this helps anyone trying to be Ursula, I know I was sad when I didn’t see any costumes, but a creative costume is WAY better than anyone you could buy!

<3 B!tty

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