Muppet Mania is coming soon!

Although Sesame Street is celebrating 40 years on television, the Muppets (yet another of Jim Henson’s amazing creations) are receiving something of a renaissance, too! Ain’t It Cool News reveals the plot for the upcoming Muppet movie coming soon to theatres. The latest Muppet film is being written by the team of Jason Segel and Nick Stoller — the Judd Apatow-linked team behind the hilarious Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Segel is a great fit, especially considering the Dracula puppet musical subplot within Forgetting Sarah Marshall. So there should be no worries as to Segal and Stoller treating Henson’s Muppets with a lot of love on their next big-screen outting!

Although no release date has been set for the new Muppet movie, Muppet fans will be pleased to know that the charismatic characters have their own comic book coming out from Boom Comics with Issue #1 being released on April 1st.

Relive your favorite Muppet moments and dress up as your favorite character for your next costume party! (I happen to be of the firm belief that your favorite Muppet says a lot about your personality!) Nearly every one of the classic Muppet cast has a costume in adults and kids sizes. Keep calm and cool like Muppet ringleader Kermit, which makes a great couples’ costume when paired with the high-maintenance diva, Miss Piggy. Choose from some supporting characters that are fan favorites like Fozzy Bear and Gonzo to round out your cast!

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